Conference Chairs


Ning Liu is a Senior Lecturer in Nanophysics at the Department of Physics, University of Limerick. Her current research interests are in electrically pumped nanocrystal-based light emitting diodes, spin-orbit coupling of light, nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics.

Ning Liu received her BSc in Physics from Peking University in 1999 and PhD in Physics from University of California at Irvine in 2005.  Her research has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Research Council. She has published over 50 scientific papers, having expertise in  Scanning Probe Microscopy, Ultrafast Pump-Probe Microscopy and other Linear and Nonlinear Optical techniques,  and collaborates with national and international research teams. 


Christophe Silien is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Limerick. His current research interests are in linear and non-linear optical microscopy (SHG, CARS, SRS, TA) including super-resolution, and in nanomaterials and plasmonic sensors.

Christophe Silien received his BSc (Licences) in Physics in 1997 and PhD in 2003, both from the University of Namur (Belgium). His research has been funded by the Science Foundation Ireland, Entreprise Ireland, Irish Research Council, as well as the European Commission (FP7, H2020). He has published over 90 scientific papers, and collaborates with national and international research teams.

Technical Committees

Photonic Devices & Materials

Chair: Dr. Bryan Kelleher (UCC)
Prof. Pascal Landais (DCU)
Prof. John Donegan (TCD)
Mr. Brian Corbett (Tyndall)
Prof. John McInerney (UCC)
Prof. Peter Parbrook (Tyndall/UCC)

Optical Communications & Networks

Chair: Dr. Fatima Gunning (Tyndall/UCC)

Prof. Liam Barry (DCU)
Prof. Izabela Naydenova (TU Dublin)
Prof. Paul Townsend (Tyndall/UCC)
Prof. Gerald Farrell (TU Dublin)
Prof. Prince Anandarajah (DCU)


Chair: Dr. John Healy (UCD)
Prof. Brian Vohnsen (UCD)
Prof. Christophe Silien (UL)
Prof. Thomas Naughton (MU)
Prof. Peter Dockery (NUIG)
Dr. Sergey Alexandrov (NUIG)
Dr. Kerry Thompson (NUIG)
Prof. Nabeel Riza (UCC)
Prof. Damien Thompson (UL)

Biophotonics & Optical Sensing 

Chair: Dr. Aidan Meade (TU Dublin)

Prof. Tia Keyes (DCU)
Prof. Bryan Hennelly (MU)
Prof. Martin Leahy (NUIG)

Quantum Optics & Quantum Technologies

Chair: Prof. Mauro Paternostro (QUB)
Prof. Jiri Vala (MU)
Dr. Emanuele Pelucchi (Tyndall/UCC)
Prof. John Goold (TCD)
Prof. Paul Eastham (TCD)
Prof. Steve Campbell (UCD)

Photonics Integration & Packaging

Chair: Dr. William Whelan-Curtin (MTU)
Co Chair: Dr.  Padraic Morrissey (Tyndall)    
Prof. Frank Peters (UCC/Tyndall)    

Nanophotonics & Plasmonics

Chair: Prof. Louise Bradley (TCD)

Prof. Enda McGlynn (DCU)
Prof. James Rice (UCD)
Prof. Dominic Zerulla (UCD)
Dr. Fumin Huang (QUB)
Dr. Ning Liu (UL)

Laser-Material & Laser-Plasma Interactions

Dr. Donagh O’Mahony (MTU)     

Prof. Tom McCormack (UCD)